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Amazon River  🇵🇪   Perú

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Trekking in the Amazon

12 Dec
Otorongo ExpeditionsWe specialize in professional,quality, personalized tours and expeditions into the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest and River. You will find that our services are custom due to the extreme variance of weather patterns and clients physical and mental capabilities.

 The majority of the expeditions start from our base camp location at Oran Creek. Campers can stay at the lodge no extra charge the night of arrival and or the day before return to Iquitos (unless otherwise specified). From our lodge in Oran, there are over 20 different ecosystems to explore.Note: Trails change due to seasonal availabilty and many other unforseen foces we deal with in a developing country. Please use these itineraries as a rough idea and not exactly word for word. This is the Amazon Rainforest and we deal with logistical nightmares daily but strive to make it seamless for you.

Trekking and camping in the Lowland Amazon

For the adventurous, physically fit that wants something out of the normal. We offer two trekking circuits that highlight the differences of Amazonian flora, fauna and geography. The time allotted for these trails is generally more than needed due to the variability of your time and capabilities. These are not simple programs. Persons with serious health issues should not go on this type of trip. Adventurers will be far from any means of communication or evacuation. The only way out is by walking or getting carried out. This is why we only send the best of the best jungle guides on these trips


20121212-100317 a.m..jpgAyzana trail :

This trail begins in lowland flooded forest at a community called Santa Rosa located on the northern banks of the Amazon river. Your first length is almost 10km through lowland forest.The second length of the trail is in the high ground. You will be following tapir trails that cut through the hills like highways. These hills have an altitude of 600-700 ft above sea level. This part is roughly 8 km. we highlight on this trek, we highlight two features rare to lowland Amazon which would be waterfalls and a pond located at the top of the hills where one can wait silently while many species of animals come to drink and bathe. After making it through the high ground, the exit will be another 6 km through lowland forest and aguaje palm swamps.

Distance: 22 k 14 m

Minimum: 5 days

Difficulty: difficult

Adventure: absolutely

Arambaza trail

This trail starts at the native Yagua community of San Gregorio located on the fringe of an isolated island on the southern banks of the Amazon river. From the community, you start out through 5km of palm swamp forest until you arrive at the Arambaza river banks. From there, you will continue east along the banks until you reach Wapapa creek 3 km. This area is teeming with wildlife from red uakari monkey to jaguars to herds of wild boars, you just need to be silent and patient if you wish to see. From Wapapa creek, you will exit through another stretch of lowland forest to return to San Gregorio. Spend an extra night with your local guide in his village, they will teach you how they coexist with the river and forest.

Distance: 15km

Minimum: 4 days

Difficulty: easiest

Adventure: absolutely

Agua negra trail

This trail starts out at Otorongo Expeditions lodge near Oran. From the lodge you start hiking through high ground until you reach the tributary of Apayacu river called Aguanegra or Yanayacu (black water). You will follow this river downstream for two days before you start heading south towards one of the largest floodplain lakes in the region called Jatun Cocha. This lake is fabled for black jaguar sightings and massive anaconda stories. The locals say the lake has a guardian that makes the ground tremble when people approximate the Laguna. This trail is almost completely through high ground forest except for the last leg. On this trek you will see a type of forest known as devils gardens. These plant communities control what grows around them, they could very well replace other forest types as they grow slowly outward

.Distance: 36 km

Minimum: 7days

Difficulty : difficult

Adventure: absolutely


This consist of 4 days of hiking. Start from Otorongo Expeditions jungle lodge by hiking through the high ground through three different communities arriving at the landlocked isolated Yagua village of Pampa Hermosa. For here you will hike through some of the highest terrain in lowland Amazonia. Pass through rare waterfalls where fossils of extinct megafauna are exposed on the creek bed. Spend an extra night here to explore the hills and creeks track tapir and jaguar as they move throughout their domain.From here, you will continue on the skirt of the hills to the entrance to the lowland forest where you will make your way back to Oran by foot. You really could make it back to Oran in one day but why rush?

Distance: 24k hike

Minimum: 4 days

Difficulty: difficult

Adventure: absolutely

20121212-100201 a.m..jpgThis basic trekking service includes the following (services = jungle camping rustic)

  • Local guide, cook and porter
  • English speaking naturalist guide
  • Mosquito bed nets
  • Rubber boots on request
  • Transport to and from trekking area
  • Possible overnight in Oto Ex lodge
  • Wildlife spotting and tracking
 On all of our trips we teach jungle survival if our client is interested. We cannot just let people loose in the forest with no food at all to predate on wildlife, The following are the basics gone through with jungle survival. the material from the forest will not be harvested if it is scarce

  • Find: Safe water, food,
  • Build shelter
  • Recognize venomous insects and snakes
  • Build rudimentary small game traps
  • Fishing when you have nothing
  • Orientating you to get out alive!
  • Use jungle resources to make rope, baskets etc.
  • Jungle MedicineFor more information about trekking with Otorongo click here

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