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Amazon River  🇵🇪   Perú

Iquitos Office

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Trekking and adventure travel near Iquitos Perú

21 Oct
For those who seek something more than a jungle lodge in the Amazon Rainforest and River. We offer rustic expeditions in a variety of habitats found in the Peruvian Amazon region of Iquitos, mainly in the district of Las Amazonas. We  canoe, hike and trek trough palm swamp forest to the hills of terra firme and drop back through stunted spiny flooded forest to search for wildlife or other Amazonian anomalies. Otorongo Expeditions is your choice for adventure travel in Iquitos, especially if you would like to support a responsible organization for the sustainable development of  Amazonian communities.

When picking your adventure, you should know what you want. We have a different direction for different activities for example. Our best trekking zone may not be the best area for canoeing for days or even fishing. Some treks are in all high ground forest and the biggest creeks have no boat access whatsoever. If you are a great hiker but hate mud,than the highground trek is for you. If you can hack swampy conditions ( hours of mud slopping to cross palm swamps or low lying inundated forest ) than a lowland trek would be for you. We have intermediaries of all these options and it is up to you to let you guide know exactly what you want.

We specialize in personalized itineraries with our tours because it is so hard to please everyone with a single cookie cutter itinerary. Not everyone has the same capabilities or desires as adventurers as a whole so have an idea what you want!

Of course if you rather live off a local style covered  boat called Pamacari and explore small tributaries. You can canoe or enjoy  hikes looking for wildlife close to the rivers. This option is ideal for high water season Feb- June when dry land adequate for camping is scarce due to rains.

On all of the treks we emphasize wildlife observation. There are different mammals and birds in different areas. I will not lie and say that every person sees extraordinary wildlife every day. There can be bouts of nothingness and than a bursts of everything! There could also be non stop action from start to finish but that really depends on your perspective of action .That is just the nature of nature.

We literally have miles of trails made but when you are traveling with guides from Otorongo Expeditions, you sometimes don’t need them. We employ the finest of jungle dwellers who can carve sense out of any tract of forest you put them in. Don’t get me wrong though, when skirting through understory openings it’s not uncommon to double back and change the degree of attack, it’s all part of the wisdom we possess of the terrain. You may be lost but rest assure your guide knows where you are .

Join Otorongo Expeditions for your next amazon trekking adventure travel trip. You will not be disappointed with your experience .  We are a BIG source of an extraodinary income to many villages that would otherwise be in a full resource extraction economy. Every person influenced in a positive manner is a win for the sustainable development of Amazon river communities .

This titi monkey is commonly found in the flooded forest area of Ayzana

Patch of palm forest that borders the highground and an extension of seasonally inundated forest

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