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Amazon River  🇵🇪   Perú

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Arambaza camp , full adventure travel

13 Nov

This map shows the orientation of Arambaza camp and Otorongo lodge

This shows a close up of a part of the headwaters of Arambaza river. The black water tributary to the left is Wapapa creek

We have a small local style hut built in on a distant tributary of the Amazon River. This headwater area belongs to the community of San Gregorio. We are working together with the community of San Gregorio to promote the sustainable management of their tribal lands. Step one was to build a simple house to introduce the community to the idea of making money by having tourist visit without extracting any resources. We completed the house two months ago and have already catered to many adventurers, fisherman and wildlife watchers.

The house is 8x10msq with mosquito netting all around it to reduce the access of most insects. There is a small room for a couple or women who would like privacy but otherwise the house is one big room. There is a local style hearth for cooking ( thatch roof is safe) and at the moment we practice burying any bathroom waste seeing how we lack running water and proper bathrooms like at our main lodge in Oran.

Your adventure starts in Oran where you leave the lodge and cross the river to an island district. Once we reach the village of San Gregorio, it is a 3.6 mile or 5.8km walk through narrow stretch of high ground that is surrounded by palm swamp forest. My best walking time was 1.1 hours, but that is a pace that only the most hardened hikers can make. Normally our guests make the walk in 2-3 hours. There is always animals to see on the trail from monkeys to manakin birds and even jaguar or tapir tracks.

Once you arrive to the camp, there are several activities to do depending on your interest. You can canoe or hike to get to know the ambient a bit better all the while looking for wildlife and anything new to the senses.PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THAT THIS IS AN ADVENTURE! THERE IS NO FLUSH TOILET, RUNNING WATER OR ELECTRICITY (yet). If these things are more important to you than an authentic adventure in the Amazon than stay at our main lodge. If you are looking for a relaxing plush visit with a/c, tv and a game room, than go to a more expensive 5star resort close to Iquitos for a relaxing vacation severed from the reality of the Amazon River Basin.

We employ the best local guides that can tromp through the forest with no trails. Ex hunters and lumberjacks love the opportunity to work with tourists in a non extractive manner, enjoying the international company all the while respectfully observing wildlife in its natural habitat.

Come and join us on a trip into the depths of the forest with local guides all the while helping to protect and save the rainforest !

wake up in the middle of the forest to the sounds of howler monkeys, macaws, ibis, toucans and much much more!

The collared puff bird .One of the exotic species of birds we find near our camp


A giant river otter den at the base of a mangrove fig tree

This 20lb tiger catfish was caught at the confluence of Arambaza and Wapapa rivers

Trail camera photo of a tapir taken close to our camp in Arambaza river

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