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Amazon River  🇵🇪   Perú

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Amazon River levels are rising

30 Jan
 The black line represents the current level of the Amazon River. The blue line indicates the maximum record level that took place in the year 2012.

The max record level displaced many people from all over the Amazon Basin for weeks up to even months.

As of today we are roughly one meter below the maximum level of 2012 and we are all hoping it doesn’t try to beat the max this year. Although our services were not completely affected like the grand majority of lodges, we had slight changes to our programs.

It seems very unlikely but after ten years of living on the Amazon River, I have learned that anything is possible. I witnessed the water raise like never before. It engulfed my rock gardens In a lapse of 12 hours. In a matter of a day multitudes of people were soaked because they thought their houses were in higher zones. Or those who already lifted up their floors had to lift up even more by the end of the day, only to raise the floor again the next week.

To read more about the GREAT FLOOD OF 2012! Read my article I will keep everyone posted on the water levels if anything spectacular happens.

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