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Dodging an epic flood

11 Mar
Here in the Iquitos region of the Amazon Basin, we have been quite occupied worrying about the flood to come. The past two weeks, we have seen levels that parallel the largest flood in modern history of the Amazon 2012.Thankfully the rest of the rivers that feed this stretch of the Amazon near Iquitos do not agree with the Marañon and Huallaga Rivers which are several meters over the norm.

The rainfall which falls upon the eastern slope of the Andes accumulates and floods headwater rivers. This swells them with water and mud causing landslides , casualties, road closures and even complete changes of rivers courses.

We have witnessed the level of the Amazon River raise to near epic proportions and then back down to a less fearsome level, subsiding our anxiety to a slight tickle in the back of the head.  We should not forget this is the worlds largest river encompassing almost the entire south American Continent as its drainage basin, so anything is possible. Extreme weather is abundant throwing water tables off que worldwide so we shall not be surprised if the unthinkable happens.

Here are a few charts of the most important rivers that effect our part of the Basin

This chart above is the most important showing the Amazon River level in Iquitos, Peru. We are currently above the green line which would be the lowest of alert levels. I predict we will reach at least “red” alert level which will still be less than our flood in 2012

Marañon levels Nauta River YurimaguasCurrently on the rise, the Ucayali River drains most of the southern reaches of Peru. Pucallpa is above “red” alert level but below the level of 2012. The water passing Pucallpa today will take several weeks to over a month to reach the Iquitos area. The drainage basin of the Ucayali River has vast expanses of flooded forest so the water is slowed down considerably before it is bottle necked near Iquitos.

 For up to date Amazon River levels provided by The Servico de Hidrografia y Navegacion de la Amazonia Click Here

Most importantly, don’t forget to consult Otorongo Expeditions about any travel plans you may want to make while in the area. If you are looking for a lodge with somewhere to walk around, choose Otorongo Lodge. We remain unaffected even at “red” alert levels so head to high ground! which is Oran where our lodge is located.


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