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Changing climate in the Amazon and the world

18 May
This year has been just as surprising as the last epic flood we had.I think I am going to stop calling it epic and just label it the new normal. I have to change  what I can plant and where. Where I can build and how. Accessibility to areas changes dramatically because we have experienced record highs and record lows of river levels in less than five years.

This new trend of floods is going to be the norm for the upper Amazon River basin.  Our lodge was only six inches from having water over the floorboards so I can only imagine what the floodwaters will bring in ten to fifteen years. What is even scarier than the floods are the droughts.

This extreme weather comes with a warning to everybody, ” adapt or suffer and perish”. Some of the wettest regions of the world have experienced almost month long dry periods that select drought sensitive plants and wipe them out. Other dryer regions experience rains and floods that change landscapes , create  avulsive flows out of mountaintops and bury lower lying regions concealing any recognizable panorama. ( all of this is actually happening….NOW)

I would like to let everyone know that they should observe the people who say the climate is not changing, because it is. If you are unsure about your position on the subject, just do a little research. Look at rain levels, temperature levels, river levels,frequency of hurricanes, tornados or other extreme weather. When a politician says they are not a scientist, that’s your first signal that their thoughts are not with the facts and their opinions are swayed easily by pseudoscience or……cash.

I will not go as far to say that  humans are 100% responsible for the changes but I will say that ignoring changes will not help future generations.  A volcano erupting can change local and worldwide weather by spewing particles, smoke and carbon into the air. The amount of CO2 that we release has a similar affect on the atmosphere just not as fast as the violent blast that volcanoes produce. Both can create cooling and heating effects depending on other atmospherical properties .

Is it so hard to believe that one hundred years of CO2 emissions worldwide is similar to a months worth of ash spewing from a volcano into the atmosphere?

The earths atmosphere IS dynamic. For billions of years organisms live within the balance of life zones permitted. Generally the changes come very , very slow like in the span of a hundred thousand years or more ( this is science, not opinion, nor religion) life exists in extreme areas of the world such as geothermal vents or pack ice in the Antarctic and depending on how they adapt, they can actually thrive.

What it boils down to is how do we adapt. What do we do to tweak the way we live so future generations can enjoy the same amount of abundance that we take so much for granted? What was Einsteins definition of crazy? Doing the same exact thing and expecting different results.

Lets look at everything critically.

Thank and hug a scientist or researcher.

Pay attention to to facts, look for alterior motives.

Think about how you would adapt if your area were affected by climatic changes.

Don’t forget if you live in a city with A/C and central heating, your experience will differ tremendously to that of a farmer or someone who lives in a rural area.

Lets keep investigating instead of downsizing research.

Let’s plant what can grow in the life zone we are in and not float artificially exhausting our resources. That’s  developing sustainability , something I work with in the Amazon region.

I operate in an area of the Peruvian Amazon where I am one of the only voices for sustainability. Otorongo Expeditons is the only source of non resource extraction based work that provides stable jobs for local communities in the district o Las Amazonas, Oran.

This doesn’t mean that I am a strict preservationist. I belive in conservation  which is a wisely managed use of resources. Many things need to be considered before making decisions and that is the same way we need to work together, not for us but forgenerations to come.


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