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Amazon River  🇵🇪   Perú

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Donate for Amazon Rainforest Conservation and get discounted jungle trip

26 May
We are trying to step up our conservation efforts on the district of Las Amazonas, Oran.Otorongo Expeditions is offering discounted trips even FREE with a certain donation amount.Or goal is to conserve 25,000 acres of high ground primary rainforest to the north of the village of Oran.Our project includes the conservation of such an area and the infrastructure to tend to wildife adventure clients from around the world. A project like this is not cheap and to do it, we need economical support from like minded individuals. Your donation can be worth a discounted trip to Otorongo Expeditions jungle lodge or even one week free with a donation of 2,500$ or moreWith 500$ donation get 10% off a trip with usWith 1000$ donation get 30% off a trip with usWith 1500$ donation get 40% off a trip with usIf you like to, please donate via gofundme Peru Amazon rainforest conservation our goal is 20,000$for PayPal or usa mailing address please email us at with rainforest donation as the subject title.We are already in the process of obtaining this tract of land because there is no time to lose. We are competing with illegal loggers that only respect a government backed land concession. Otherwise, the land will be free for the illegals to roam around on tractors, hauling mother natures bounty to be exported. YES ILLEGAL LOGS MAKE IT TO INTERNATIONAL MARKETS! Dont forget, not only will you be directly helping to conserve rainforest, but you will also be helping to create jobs for local people. In return, they will not have to rely on an extraction based economy thus , saving more trees and wildife. 

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