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New review for Otorongo Expeditions, special needs service

19 Jun
An excellent adventure, by Eric, M
From start to finish, my Otorongo experience was top notch. We were picked up from Iquitos airport and pretty much had our hand held the entire way. Everything was handled by Otorongo… our transportation, lunch in Iquitos, tuk-tuk transportation to the dock, and then every step of the way during our adventure.

The speed boat to Otorongo was nice and in good working order. Good thing too because we ran into a major storm en route but I always felt safe during the journey.

Also en route we stopped at an old-school bootleg rum making house. It was totally cool and didn’t feel touristy. We were given the option of buying bottles of rum, but I never felt pressured. It was done with class.

The resort experience was great! Our guide spoke perfect english, was nice, funny, personable, helpful, informative, and really catered the adventure to our needs and wants. During dinner every evening we planned our next day with our guide and he presented a lot of different options.

The food was REALLY GOOD. Not just for being in the middle of nowhere, but good for being anywhere. I have a slew of food allergies… gluten, dairy, and eggs and I had zero problems being accommodated. Special meals were prepared for me and I was instructed as to what I could or couldn’t eat from the main buffet. With the exception of a few mains, and the obvious breads and cakes, I was able to eat just about everything and it was DELICIOUS. I really enjoyed being introduced to new exotic amazonian foods and juices! Oh, and don’t get me started on Peruvian bacon! Holy crap that stuff is good! I’ve been searching for it ever since returning to the states! I never felt hungry or like I needed to go without, even with my diet needs.

I will also note that I wear leg braces and don’t have the best balance. The staff and my guide went ABOVE AND BEYOND for me. Helping me during challenging parts of the experiences and really tailoring the experience for my special needs. It was amazing and I felt very included during the experience. There was one time when we arrived at a steep, muddy bank that we needed to climb and traverse in order to see giant lily pads. I was a bit reluctant at first, but my guide insisted I go and at least challenge myself and try. The guide’s helpers literally got out of the boat and DUG OUT A STAIRCASE for me out of the side of the bank of the river, then helped me up and down. Very, very cool of them and again, made me feel very included. There was only one excursion I sat out on and it was intentional, to allow my travel-buddy the opportunity to do some hardcore, deep jungle hiking. I was happy to sit back and read a book in the hammock while listening to the sounds of the jungle.

The accomodations were just fine for being in the middle of the jungle. If you’re expecting a 4-star resort, perhaps you need to re-evaluate your priorities and intentions. You’re in the JUNGLE, baby.

The resort grounds were pristine and you really got the sense that Otorongo was there for the right reasons. Anthony, the owner, has a deep love and respect for the area, the people, and the surrounding habitat. Total class from start to finish.

I’d recommend Otorongo to everyone.
Thank you for this Eric, I have been away from the lodge so I am very happy to hear that everyone took care of you the way they did. It makes me very proud of my

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