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Amazon River  🇵🇪   Perú

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Take part in Amazon Rainforest Conservation

19 Apr

Otorongo Expeditions is not a non/profit but has done more for conservation in the Peruvian Amazon than many multi million dollar NGOs. We are so ashamed of certain NGOs that tout, tout and then bail out!  We are not a bunch of suits sitting at desks working on our next ADwords campaign.

We are an adventure tourism company dedicated to the sustainable development of the Peruvian Amazon. Hands on Grass roots movement that gives incentives local communities to conserve their ancestral territory. On a monthly basis we deal with illegal loggers and the communities they are affecting.

Our personal life is invested deeply in the conservation of this area. Recently we founded a 1000 hectare wildlife reserve between two communities called “Fossil Creek Wildlife Reserve”. The reserve is not recognized legally by the Peruvian government yet due to extreme costs of formalization. To formalized the reserve we would need an investment of over $25,000, a mountain of paperwork and specialized lawyers to bulldoze through bureaucracy. I am not the office type of guy, we need some serious help to get things rolling. You can depend on me to mark trails, evict loggers, execute trail cam inventories of mammal populations.  Absolutely everything that has to do with physical logistics in the forest, I am in.

Some people quiver when they think of anacondas and spiders in the jungle. Not me, I quiver at the sight of a stack of papers and a government office building. BRRRRrrrrrr

Get 10% off on Otorongo Expeditions Jungle Lodge Service with a donation of $115.00 or more! Take part,  DONATE NOW ! or come and visit us to support real rainforest conservation efforts.

Read more about Fossil Creek Wildlife Reserve

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