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Amazon River  🇵🇪   Perú

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Want to teach English to Amazon River Natives?

06 Feb

Here is an opportunity for anyone who speaks English and Spanish. We are looking for an individual or several persons that would be interested in teaching English in the village of Oran. The idea would be to accept a class of twenty persons of all ages and teach them the basics of English. Although a […]

Copa Airlines has direct flight Panana city(PTY) to Iquitos Peru !

01 Feb

Correction October 2017- Copa Bailed out, they couldn’t fill the seats so they gave up on the route. Finally after almost ten years in the dark, Iquitos receives its first direct international flights from Panama City Panama. Hoping to boost tourism access to the Peruvian Amazon in light of being nominated a natural world wonder […]

Cryptic killer, Bothrops atrox- common lance head pit viper of the Amazon

22 Jan

The lance head pit viper found in South and Central America claims the most lives each year. Out of all the venomous snakes in the neotropics, this snake is the most common. They can be found from urban sprawl areas to the depths of the rain forest. The most common places to find them are […]

What to expect on your jungle trip

14 Jan

There is a big difference in what we want to hear and what we actually get . When choosing a tour operator in the Amazon, many people don’t do their research and pick the loudest most sensational sales pitch around. So what is the first thing potential guests are promised? That’s right, the most sensational. […]

Tips to see more wildlife while in the Amazon

14 Jan

To optimize your chances here are some general rules for serious wildlife watchers Go more than three days, don’t try to squeeze the trip of a lifetime in less than a work week. Pick a place that is far from major cities. Take binoculars. The animals are there and need to be found. Sometimes they […]

Tarantula hunting wasp dragging victim into the darkness

01 Jan

This tarantula hunting wasp was spotted crossing the gardens at the Otorongo expeditions jungle lodge. We followed it for quite some time until we lost it in the brush pile. WATCH HERE This particular species of wasp is not going to eat the spider. The wasp drags the spider into the dark recesses where the […]