Survival Program

There is a lot of demand nowadays for survival programs here in the Amazon. The are a lot of companies to choose from but is that the right choice? When looking into a survival program, the correct thing to do is to not leave much of a footprint on the areas that you visit.

The whole of the Amazon is populated where access is easy. Even in places that are far and have tough access are populated at least with some people. Wherever there is a space between towns, or rivers cities, there are river communities. People from communities spread out into the forest and headwater rivers for resource extraction. For a local, walking ten hours into the deep forest is not uncommon.

Don’t forget this: there are millions of people that actually subsist on the Amazon rainforest resources and many million more that live in urban and go to the forest for their work.

On allofourtrips we teach jungle survival if our client is interested. We cannot just let people loose in the forest with no food at all to predate on wildlife, The following are the basics gone through with jungle survival. the material from the forest will not be harvested if it is scarce.

  • Find safe water and food
  • Build shelter
  • Recognize venomous insects and snakes
  • Build rudimentary small game traps
  • Fishing when you have nothing
  • Orientating you to get out alive!
  • Use jungle resources to make rope, baskets etc.
  • Jungle Medicine