Bird Watching

Amazon explorations
We offer one of the greatest areas for watching the diversity of birds that the amazon has to offer. From our lodge in Oran it is possible to visit over fifteen different ecosystems unique to the Amazon River basin. Let our professional guides take you through a multiple ecosystem bird watcher’s paradise. Our guides are highly trained to recognize hundreds of species of birds by sight and sound.

Hundreds of species of birds

  • Point tailed palm creeper
  • Red bellied macaws
  • Motmots
  • nocturnal curassows
  • ornate hawk eagle
  • varzea schiffornis
  • yellow billed jacamar

    Over 15 Ecosystems to explore

    • Primary and secondary terra firme
    • Primary and secondary lowland
    • Sandy lepidocarium forest, varzea forest and igapo forest
    • Aguaje palm swamps, mineral and water wallows
    • Liana dominated forests
    • Secessional (beach and island) and transitional forests
    • Bamboo, rubber and phytelephas dominated area

    Trekking & Camping includes

    • Local indigenous guide
    • English speaking naturalist guide
    • Mosquito nets for sleeping
    • Rubber boots
    • Transport from and to Iquitos
    • Transport to and from trekking area
    • Overnight in OtoEx lodge (if necessary)
    • Wildlife spotting and tracking
    • Adventure of a lifetime!


    Begin planning your Amazon rainforest trekking and camping adventure with Otorongo Expeditions today.



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