Extreme Fishing

Extreme Fishing
There are over 2000 recognized species of fish that are only found in the Amazon River Basin. Know peacock bass? Pacu? Piranha? Would you like to get to know them better? OtoEx offers fishing for those fishermen who want to experience the thrill of hauling in a Peacock or a piranha that bites back!

We travel by any means possible to put you on top of your next Amazonian Trophy. Choose the level of difficulty you want, don’t want to get off the boat? No problem! Want to stream fish by foot? Let’s go! You will have a highly trained woodsman guiding and watching your back.

Creativity is important here if you want to catch fish year round. The best time for easy access to good sport fishing is during low water season with last from late June to early December. Amazon river levels.

Extreme fishing daytrips from the lodge

Guests seeking an extreme fishing adventure often prefer to spend nights with us at our lodge and head out early each day to the rivers, lakes and streams. Let our guides teach you the about these amazing creatures while

Freshwater fish of the Amazon river

The dynamic Amazon creates and destroys thousands of miles of river banks every year and in the process it has isolated many species to large lakes. There they evolved and branched away from their cousins as the course of the river grew ever distant from the isolated lakes. Some thousands of years later the meander of the main river may eat its way through the flooded forest back to the isolated lake and release the endemic fish to the main channel uniting the “new” species with the rest of the aquatic fauna that exists today.


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Our FAQs

Rock Bacu

The spectacular Rock bacu or as known here on the Amazon river of Peru, Cahuara(ka-wara) ladrillo (brick)have a very interesting natural history. They have evolved quite an important niche in seed dispersal of plant species especially palms of the seasonally flooded forests of the Amazon river basin.

In the season of falling water levels, the majority of these fish will migrate into the main river channels as the igapo forests dry out. In this period they are omnivorous eating fish or aquatic vegetation as the fruits are no longer available. It is unclear where and in what season these fish breed. It is believed that these bacu fish spawn annually in the estuary region due to the tremendous amount of juveniles located close to the mouth of the Amazon in semi brackish water.


Fishing gear provided by OtoEx

For river fishing catfish

  • Large baitcasting reel or open face reel
  • 50-100lb test line and gimble
  • Mosquito nets for sleeping
  • Terminal tackle circle hooks
  • Weights, swivels and live bait
  • Expert guides and motorized boat

Sport fishing peacock bass, brycon, pacu

  • Open face or baitcasting reel
  • 12-30lb test line
  • Small tackle box with five lures such as rattle traps, mepps, rapala floating jointed minnow, spoons, buzz baits or torpedoes.

We recommend that you bring your own set of lures

  • Rattle traps bright mirror finish, white, yellow, gold 1 oz or more
  • Mepps aglia long #4 #5 tiger stripe spoon white or orange tail
  • Musky killers, mepps maribou
  • Floating jointed rapala gold, white
  • Bright Crank baits for trolling

Price quote of rentals available upon request