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Amazon River  🇵🇪   Perú

Iquitos Office

+001 (518) 801-5193

Have a question? There is a good chance you can find the answer below in our frequently asked questions. If not, just contact us and we will get back to you right away with an answer.

Where is Otorongo Expeditions Jungle Lodge Located?
We are located on a small whitewater tributary of the Amazon River called Quebrada Oran. We are exactly 52 miles downstream from Iquitos, Peru. We are only a five minute walk from the shores of the mighty Amazon River.

Is there malaria at Otorongo?
No! Thankfully we are in an area free of malaria and dengue. Although both illness can be found near Iquitos, for the most part they are localized and highly watched over by the ministry of health.
What’s the weather like near Iquitos?
We do not have the intense rains that the foothills of the Andes experience each November to April . We receive the flood waters from these rains that inundate our forests and rivers. The water begins to rise in January peaking at the end of April until mid may when there is usually a sharp drop in water levels and a tapering down until they rains in the hills start up again.
Current weather
Are there any reserves or national parks around Otorongo?
Yes, the following: Fossil Creek Wildlife Preserve, Reserva Saballio de Apayacu, Regional Conservation area Ampiyacu/ Apayacu, Communal Reserve San Gregorio de Yanayacu and The Sportfishing Reserve Santa Rosa
What is the recommended foot wear?
For boating excursions, you may wear sandals or tennis shoes. Rubber boots are provided for jungle walks. You may bring and use your own hiking boots at your own risk.
Why do you recommend the rubber boots for jungle hikes?
Not only do they keep your feet dry almost up to your knees, they also offer added protection from other rainforest hazards such as spiny palms, spiders and venomous snakes.
Are there a lot of mosquitoes at the lodge?
We are located in an area of high ground that has minimal biting pests all year round. Areas that you will visit on excursions into the lowland are loaded but for the most part, you are on the move and protected by long sleeve shirts.
What insect repellent works?
The best measure is prevention through long sleeve shirts and long pants. Otherwise and repellant needs to be reapplied every half an hour for full effect. I can barely recommend DEET over fifty percent applied to a handkerchief and wrapped around the neck.
What are other unforeseen dangers?
The taxi trip from the airport to the boat is probably the most dangerous part of the trip (joking) unless you were planning on spending several weeks in the interior of the forest. Other than that the biggest danger would be a potential snakebite (never had the occasion)
How are emergencies dealt with at Otorongo?
On the rare occasion that there is an emergency for example a snakebite, the first step is to receive the correct antivenom in the static mini hospital of Oran. After administration the patient would be evacuated immediately by boat to a clinic in Iquitos.
At the lodge we have a certified Red Cross guide apt to deal with any known emergency other than surgeries. The evacuation is provided by Otorongo Expeditions but any medical bills or further treatment in Iquitos must be taken care of by the client or a representative of the client in an extreme case.
For tourism, residents of the US, Canada, Australia and most of Europe only need a valid passport for a 3 month tourist visa issued on arrival to Peru.
What kind of things can we do and see at Otorongo Lodge?
We offer many different activities tailored by you with your guide,you can pick from the following, invent or improvise as you go along. We are the only operation with such a level of personalized service here in the Peruvian Amazon.
Can we swim with pink dolphins?
You can swim in the same waters that they are inhabiting, for the most part they keep their distance (safer for dolphin and human). Yet on some occasions they seem quite interested in our activity expecially on the beaches.
Will we see the Pygmy marmoset?
Yes and quite possibly out your front door seeing how they are very common around the lodge as well as two species of tamarin monkeys. On excursions, it is possible to see over eight primate species such as howler, white and black capuchin, saki, squirrel, three species of callicebus and possibly more.
Are there poison dart frogs?
The high ground that the lodge is on is native habitat for several species of poison dart frogs (formerly Dendrobatidae now Ranitomeya). They can be very difficult to spot some times and when you least expect it, one hops out of a bromeliad planted in the rock garden to our amazement.
How do you get to the lodge?
For the most part, we provide all transportation and only work with reservations. We use two modes of transport for two different prices. Our first mode is for the traveler who has flights back to back and does not have the time to leisurely cruise up and down the Amazon river. The speed boat option takes roughly five hours round trip.
Our slow boat option is for those who have extra time and wouldn’t mind making several stops on the way to see local attractions such as historical village Fransico de Orellana, confluence of Napo and Amazon River, old fashioned rum distillery or monkey island. The slow boat is a small aluminum craft with a roof equipped with a ecological “long shaft” peke peke motor (ecological for minimal fuel usage). The round trip in the slow boat can vary from 10 to 15 hours.
Can we recharge batteries at the lodge?
Yes, we have solar panels giving free green energy for all who need to recharge.
What are the bathrooms like in the lodge?
There is a sink, flush toilet and ambient temperature water in the shower in each room. We slightly chlorinate the water pumped from Oran river therefore it is not recommended for drinking or brushing teeth.
Where do you get your drinking water from?
We bring our water in on every boat in five gallon jugs purchased from the best potable water source in Iquitos. You can find the water in dispensers in the dining room, take plenty on excursions.
Are there lights in the rooms?
Yes there are dim 12volt LED lights in the room and bathroom.
Is there laundry service at the lodge?
Yes, hand washed and sun dried. (drying time dependent on weather)
What is the food like at the lodge?
Our professional chef prepares many international and national cuisines that keep clients coming back. We have had pro cooks as guests who rant that the food at Oto Ex lodge was the best in all of Peru! With buffet style serving, there is rarely a hungry mouth left. Not to mention the dozens of exotic and local fruit drinks prepared at each meal.
Do you offer vegetarian food?
Yes, our chef can prepare many special diet needs on request.
Can Otorongo Expeditions reserve our hotels in Peru?
Yes, just please let us know what type of accommodations you require and we will send you the best options.
Can Otorongo Expeditions buy our domestic flight tickets?
Yes, that too.
Is there a place to store my baggage in Iquitos if need be?
Yes there is a safe storage area in our office where we can take care of any extra luggage until need be at no extra charge.
What type of vaccinations do I need before I travel to Peru?
Please check the updated CDC site for current vaccinations.
What does Otorongo Expeditions guarantee?
We guarantee that you will have the best personalized service that can be had in the Amazon. You will visit many ecosystems and have the chances to observe countless species of wildlife how you want and when you want.
Why do you not guarantee that we will see animals in their natural habitat.
Everyone on our trips see several species of monkeys, sloths, caimans and dolphins in their natural habitat. We would only be silly to guarantee the sightings because they are provided by Mother Nature on the basis in which they are found.
What sets Otorongo Expeditions lodge apart from other operators and lodges?
It’s our house and we want you to feel like its yours too!Otorongo Expeditions is owned by passionate naturalists dedicated to the conservation of the River and Rainforest. Its not all numbers for us
Are there many lodges near Otorongo Expeditions lodge?
Not at all, the majority of lodges are upstream near Iquitos and past. There are no other operating lodges within twenty five miles of us.
Why does Otorongo Expeditions operate downstream and the rest of the lodges upstream?
The question answers itself, There is a vast rainforest and immense river out there with wild tributaries braiding through the land. We never encounter other tourism companies where we are.I am sure that they are all upstream because it is easier to float downstream than paddle upstream if a motor ever failed.
Are there many trails around Otorongo lodge?
Yes but everyone is required to have their guide with them. The area around the lodge and gardens is great for strolling unattended where many wild birds, flowers even monkeys can be sighted.

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