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Amazon River  🇵🇪   Perú

Iquitos Office

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Amazon River Level Descending

10 Aug

The Amazon River level is descending. This region of the Amazon River is that of a braided manner with Islands and channels all up and down its longitude, those who have easy access during high water will find themselves high and dry during this season. The tributaries and channels dry up almost completely where not […]

Those are not Indians!

20 Jul

“Those are not indians” , one client exclaimed after he accused me of ripping him off. “They are all wearing shorts, boots and wielding machetes” My jaw dropped, never in eleven years has someone accused me of tricking them. “listen friend,”I said, “if you want to feed your false perception of how natives live in […]

Ongoing Live compilation of bird species found around Otorongo Expeditions Amazon River Lodge

12 May
birdwatching for the hoatzin bird near otorongo expeditions jungle lodge

List of birds found around or close by Otorongo Expeditions Jungle Lodge Amazon River Peru. Ongoing Live Compilation by: Josias Tello (expert birding guide) Ecosystems and Niches to be explored on a birdwatching trip with us : Beaches and Islands of the Amazon River (of unique ecological sucession) North and south banks of the Amazon […]

Flooding in Peru 2017

12 Apr

Seeing how the intense flooding due to erratic ENSO cycles (El Nino Southern Occilations) is having quite an impact on the west coast of North and South America, I feel the need to elaborate on the following: the impacts on coastal Peru and the impacts on the Amazon Drainage basin. First of all, due to […]