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Amazon River  🇵🇪   Perú

Iquitos Office

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Tarantula hunting wasp dragging victim into the darkness

01 Jan

[youtube] This tarantula hunting wasp was spotted crossing the gardens at the Otorongo expeditions jungle lodge. We followed it for quite some time until we lost it in the brush pile. This particular species of wasp is not going to eat the spider. The wasp drags the spider into the dark recesses where the […]

The rock bacu

21 Dec

(Lithodoras dorsalis = skin of stone) The spectacular Rock bacu or as known here on the Amazon river of Peru, Cahuara(ka-wara) ladrillo (brick)have a very interesting natural history. They have evolved quite an important niche in seed dispersal of plant species especially palms of the seasonally flooded forests of the Amazon river basin [youtube]. […]

Spizaetus And the black market

14 Dec

For those of you who have visited Otorongo Expeditions Jungle Lodge, you should be familiar with Spizzy and Morphus, both birds are victims of the illegal wildlife trade in the Peruvian Amazon. We rescued Spizzy in 2007 after a tip from a fellow raptor lover. Spizzy weighed 900grams at the time, emaciated, dehydrated parasite ridden […]

Trekking in the Amazon

12 Dec

Otorongo Expeditions We specialize in professional,quality, personalized tours and expeditions into the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest and River. You will find that our services are custom due to the extreme variance of weather patterns and clients physical and mental capabilities.

 The majority of the expeditions start from our base camp location at Oran Creek. Campers can […]

Why choose Otorongo Expeditions Jungle lodge

12 Dec

Authentic personalized itineraries Private guide and 15+ ecosystems to explore on the Amazon River, no grouping with other guests on excursions, no fake tourist shows. Guaranteed excellent service Buffet style,international + local foods, clean private bathrooms, solar power for lights and recharging batteries, stellar staff, %100 honest no nickel and diming Owners dedication Community tourism […]

Giant stingray caught

12 Dec

For charter fishing in the Amazon river Otorongo Expeditions This Incredible specimen of short tailed freshwater stingray was caught near Oran, Peru Lower Amazon River region. It weighed in at 154lb over 4ft long including her short tail. We were fishing on the point of two rivers combining when she sucked the live bait directly […]