Perfect ending to long holidays in Latin America: jungle survivors. 5 of 5 stars.
I stayed in the Otorongo lodge with a friend at the end of 2014. We actually celebrated the New Years there. It was an amazing experience-the location is perfect, the garden is just breathtaking, the staff and the owner are extremely nice and friendly, food is great, rooms are clean and cosy. The expeditions feel very natural, one sees and learns so much! Fishing the piranhas was one of the key bonuses on top of regular walks in the forest/boat rides and spotting of exotic animals. The guides are impressive: knowledgeable, extremely caring – they would almost breathe for you. I felt extremely safe and relaxed. Definitely recommend this experience.

My experience at Otorongo Lodge was truly the adventure of a life time. By request I was taken to a remote area to see native people living in the Amazon. There I was introduced to the Chief of the Yagua Indians who presented me with a blowgun and darts as a gift. We canoed, camped, and hiked long distances every day through the jungle carving our path with machetes. The staff at Otorongo lodge will make your experience as leisurely or adventurous as you wish. I asked to be pushed to my limit and they did not disappoint. I was taught survival skills for living in the jungle. I saw countless rare species, including primates, reptiles, cayman, poison frogs, tree sloths, birds, insects, pink and gray dolphins.

My visit to Otorongo was THE most fascinating journey of my life. I came to sketch and journal my jungle experience, and I was instantly immersed and intensely engaged every single moment.

Antony and Ivy are top-notch hosts in every respect, and I love the way they, the guides, and all the guests eat and chat together in a warm, family atmosphere. All of the people who work at the lodge are friendly and helpful. The food is great. The jungle more than met my expectations, interacting with Tio Juan, the toucan, was a blast, and traveling to and fro on the Amazon never ceased to delight me. I hope to return again and again.