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Reserve Trailcams Catch BIG Jaguar

17 Oct
I had given up almost on getting images of Jaguars in our reserve.It came to the point where I thought, maybe those were just puma tracks. It cant be, I heard on several occasions the bellowing of jaguars close to my camp in Fossil Creek. On several occasions I doubled back on my trail only to find giant feline footprints on top of mine. I would stand solidly scanning the underbrush, looking into the branches of lower trees, trying to spot my stalker.
Is it following me? or do we just happen to cross trails frequently.
I can honestly say I have never witnessed a wild Jagaur. I have come up on fresh kills, crossed tracks and laid down tracks for them to follow. I have come closer than many people but never have I laid my eyes on a wild one in the flesh.Here they are, the images that made me jump for joy in the lodge dining room with many guests as witnesses to my excitement. I hope you enjoy!

Jaguar on the prowl


Jaguar distancing from the trail cam

Slowly climbing a hill to wiff what moves beyond the other side.

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