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Tapir Trail Camera From Fossil Creek Wildlife Reserve

08 Nov
The Tapir is the largest bodied land mammal left in South America. Mainly Herbivorous, they use their flexible proboscis to strip shrubs of their leaves and to forage fruits off the forest floor.
Their snout has an intricate array of sinusoides indicating the most advanced sense of smell in the jungle.
A large portion of their diet is that of fallen fruits mainly palms. The fruiting palms have a very strong odor and can draw many species of wildlife from surrounding areas.  Many biologists will argue that the tapir is the gardener of the jungle, propagating beneficial plants and maintaining clearings in the jungle.

 The tapirs range extends over many national parks and is only threaten near communities. They can withstand minor deforested areas and actually thrive in more numbers in disturbed areas presumably due to an abundance of fresh greens to browse. They cannot though withstand severely fragmented forest and become prized by locals for an abundance of red meat in developing areas. </p>
Luckily, they have a safe haven in Fossil Creek Wildlife Reserve!
Come to Fossil Creek Wildlife Reserve to support this endeavor with local communities to preserve a piece of natural history emblematic to the Lowland Amazon Rain forest. This area, due to its inaccessibility, is still in good shape compared to easier to get places, If Just you can, come visit during our high water season to float through 7km of flooded forest to reach the Reserve. Otherwise, it is a two hour hike from either community of Boyador or Roca Eterna 
Great pictures of Lorien, Robbie, Valeria and Andy Trekking the Anteater Ridge Trail to Fossil Creek.
Many people frequent our trail cam transect in Fossil Creek. These trails are commonly used by a variety of wildlife[/caption]
Just in case you missed this one, here is the king of the Jungle. A Jaguar snooping around.

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