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Amazon River  🇵🇪   Perú

Iquitos Office


Trekking With Jaguars, Pumas and Pigs

12 Nov
    This years Trail camera images from AntEater Ridge of Fossil Creek Communal Wildlife Reserve.

    Due to Increased internet poaching of endangered animals worldwide, the exact location of this trail is known only to our guides and Reserve Staff. The people in these images are not actors, they are real Adventure Travelers trekking in the depths of the Amazon Rainforest with our specialized naturalist guides.

    Fossil Creek Needs Your Help!
    We are not talking about donations, we want you to visit The District of Las Amazonas!
    With your visit, you help reinforce the initiative of sustainable development to the local communities. The Native community of Nuevo Union de Boyador and Roca Eterna invite you to go trekking on their property! They have set aside this area for the development of tourism and wildlife watching opportunities.

    Do not sit back and let this opportunity pass Reserve NowBooking exclusively through Otorongo Expeditions

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