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What a real Pirahna bite can do

31 Dec
I was carelessly revising a friends gill net for catfish bait. The owner of the net told me to take what I needed so when he started checking the opposite end of the net, I thought nothing of it.

I removed a few sardines to put on our hooks, the group of clients waited in the boat, fishing poles in hand patiently as I collected our bait.

I saw a fat piranha tangled up so I decided to take it out. He was really frazzled.

I look at Noel at the opposite end of the net, he looks at me and at that moment I felt a nick on my finger.

@#$%!!!!, we have not even baited our hooks and I have a casualty. I thought, Noel was hoping that the pirahna would bite me. A type of evil eye trick, one who thinks of something enough will make it come true. I yelled to Noel jeeringly

“Hey , you were hoping that paña would bite me eh!?”
Noel snickered and when I showed him the tip of my thumb lopped off, his smile went away.

I saw the nerve endings of my thumb, bright white and evenly spaced. I wrapped my finger in a hankercheif and continued to take a few more baitfish.

The initial bite is painless, the sharp teeth effortlessly flow though flesh uninhibited by bone
Ten minutes went by and I was sitting on the bow of my boat as 4 of my clients were dropping lines for catfish. I just did not feel right, I felt a little queasy, possibly a bit pale. I felt the cold sweats coming and than realized that it was actually rain. The rest in our group started to take cover under their coats so I decided to call it a day. Even though there were catfish rising all around us, my compassionate clients agreed.

It was late and I was missing a piece of my thumb and quite possibly a half liter of precious plasma.

The bite took about 3 weeks to heal. It was not fun, the pain comes and goes. It is a great conversation piece, especially for my oldest son. He likes to show his friends.

Trust me friends, this is nothing compared to other occurrences. Such as a good friend Juan the stingray catcher or Levis the fisherman. They have marks up and down their bodies from all types of fish. Stingrays,pirahnas canero catfish and more. I can only look and remember how damn careful we need to be while exploring, working, fishing, walking.

It took 15 years in the Amazon to finally get a Piranha bite, it is not an accomplishment. More like I need a sign at the lodge “its been *** days since the last pirahna bite”
Occasion like this are rare and even more rare to happen to a client, do not let this scare you off your next trip with us in the Amazon River-Yours Always, Anthony

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