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Amazon River  🇵🇪   Perú

Iquitos Office


Guest Experience , Transit from Leticia to Oran

13 Jan
Here we have a word for word email from a guest who was travelling from Leticia , Colombia to Iquitos,Peru.

Many guests get dropped off at Oran where our lodge is located, instead of following through to Iquitos.

Here is the experience of Ms. Lizz.

You too can have the adventure of a lifetime in South America!

I hope you had a great holiday.

I wanted to tell you that my experience at Otorongo Lodge was fantastic.

I was so warmly welcomed. The lodge was beautiful. My guide (Juan) was wonderful.

I also wanted to thank you again for being so patient and helpful and also…explain what happened.

As I mentioned, both boat companies in Leticia were CLEAR that there was no possibility of making a stop in Oran. The manager of my hotel even asked again on my behalf. But even with a local guy the answer was still no. And it was no again when I arrived for departure in the morning. So I resigned myself to going to Iquitos and then try to get a boat back down river to the lodge.

As we were getting closer to Oran I decided to make one last try. I can only speak a few words of Spanish, and sometimes its easier if I write instead. So I wrote a note in Spanish addressed to the Captain asking to be dropped off and I took it directly to him to read. And he agreed immediately ! Obviously the right guy to ask !

When we got to Oran there were too many small boats at the dock but the Captain maneuvered up against the bank and I jumped down. Good thing I was wearing rubber boots ! Then I asked someone how to get to Otorongo and….Juan and a boat appeared.

And although no one was expecting me at the lodge they were extremely kind, and gave me a delicious coffee, and Juan took me out on a nice hike until dinner. The next day we went exploring by boat and it was extraordinary. And the following day on my departure Juan took me to Oran and waited with me for the boat to Iquitos (the first one was full and we fished off the dock to pass the time).

I was really sorry to leave. And I sincerely hope I will be able to come back. I have this dream that when I retire in a few years I’ll come to the Amazon and be a volunteer ESL teacher from town to town ! (I need to learn more Spanish before then).

Thank you again and I hope you and everyone at Otorongo will have a wonderful new year ahead.


Thank you Liz for choosing us, and allowing us to publish your very kind email!

Map of the Amazon River , showing positions of Two large Amazon cities and Oran.

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