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Rubber Boom Houses of Iquitos

21 Jan
Iquitos-Peru, Founded by Jesuit priests in 1864 on top of an existing Native settlement has a long history of colonization, exploitation and slavery.

There were many different tribes that spread out over the whole of the country.

For the colonizing invaders, the local population made perfect slaves for the industrial extraction and trade of rubber. The Rubber baron houses represent the exploitation of local resources and people for the success of very few men in the Rubber business.

The artifact’s imported from Europe ooze the essence of colonial life, the ornate tiles and twisted iron that adorn the buildings are unmistakably European in style. The majority of the houses were built between 1900-1925.

There is even an Iron House designed by the French architect Eiffel. The Iron house was originally destined for Puerto Maldonado but due to low water levels and high costs, the Iron House was assembled in Iquitos on the main Plaza de Armas.

Come and see for yourself, the history of Iquitos Peru. Grab a guide and take a city tour!

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