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Fantastic “Eyelash” Frog

07 Feb
The many ways organisms have developed to remain undetected is incredible!
Take for example this Eyelashed Forest Frog (Edalorhina perezi) Also known as the snouted frog. This master of disguise can hide in plain sight on the forest floor and can remain undetected as long as it stays still in the leaf litter. This frog is found only in the western Amazon River basin. Their dorsum is lined with ridges that imitate quite perfectly the serrated edges of a heart shaped leaf. The coloration and vein like lines serve it to blend in to the rotting foliage of the forest floor.

 Further breaking up its profile are the ridges of tubercles over the eyes that gives them their name the “Eyelash” frog.

If for some occasion the frog is discovered it will pull out its next deceptive act and show off the brightly colored inside of its back legs (bright orange). Many animals use this false warning, taking advantage of the presence of truly poisonous organisms. We see this type of mimicry prolifically in frogs and butterflies.

The greatest is that you don’t even have to go far from the Amazon River Lodge to see them!

Book your next trip to the Amazon River Lodge and you can have the chance to see them too!For a range map and more technical information check AmphibiaWeb

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