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Amazon River  🇵🇪   Perú

Iquitos Office

+001 (518) 801-5193

About Us

We understand this may be your first and only trip to the Amazon River and Rainforest so we spare no expense to show you the wonders of our beloved habitat.Founded by Peruvian/American naturalist couple, our love for the Amazon and the urgency presented by extractive-resource based economy made it an easy decision to apply our passion to working models of sustainable toursim development. We dont just own Otorongo, we operate it as passionatly as can be, never losing sight of our goal to promote the sustainability of the Peruvian Amazon Region.

What makes Otorongo so special?

We love and live in the Region. We are proud and honored to be able to work with local communites for the conservation or wise use of their lands. We understand the importance of spreading out the benifits of Tourism to local communities. We are also the only travel company that operates near Oran so you will not see other tourists or travel companies while on excursions with us. Many other lodges are close to the city or grouped together near public reserves like Pacaya Samiria. These places are crowded with tourist companies so the feeling of remoteness is stifled by the presence of so much tourist activities. We have the only access to a newly declared Reserve, Fossil Creek so choose the road less traveled and go on a tour with us!


Promote the sustainable development of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest and River, using ecotourism as a grassroots, spearhead inciative in areas null of any outside influence or other travel companies.

Otorongo Expeditions offers a variety of services from comfortable Jungle Lodging, Amazon River Cruises, to Specialized services such as: Serious bird watching, Extreme fishing, Jungle survival and Extended camping trips.We not only provide broad knowledge of species in different area's were we operate, but also background knowledge of its ecology. Next to that, if you are the active type, we provide plenty of activities in different area's of the lower amazon region.

Services through the Department Of Loreto, Peru, the largest Department of Peru and the most diverse in ethnic cultures, languages and biodiversity. Loreto has several domestic airports with daily flights as well as river transport from Pucallpa all the way to Leticia, Colombia and Tabatinga Brazil. Our main office is in Iquitos, the capital of Loreto, only accesible by plane or boat. The last of its kind in a frontier city, on the edge of civilization.

Our Founders

Ivonne Braga and Anthony Giardenelli

Ivonne was born and raised in Iquitos, Peru, has been working as a tourism guide for the past twelve years in many different agencies. Ivonne worked many years with universities from the USA surveying transects and performing biological assessments in many ecosystems and microhabitats found in Upper Amazonian. Since her youth, she always loved animals and maintains her fascination to this day. Ivonne has raised many species of animals that had been abandoned or orphaned including several monkeys, pacas, parrots, ocelots and now with Anthony, birds of prey. In her free time her binoculars are stuck to her eyes as she hopes to describe new species of birds in the near future.

Anthony, a native of upstate New York has an Associates Degree in Fisheries and Wildlife from SUNY, Cobleskill. He moved to Iquitos 2005 to start a jungle lodge, to raise funds for an animal rescue/rehab center and to promote sustainable development in the Amazon. From the days that he could walk, he was always in the streams and forests of the Adirondack Mountains turning over rocks and logs looking for invertebrates, salamanders or anything that moved. At the age of twelve he began to practice the sport of falconry. His love for all things natural and wild eventually gave way to the Amazon where he was immediately captivated by the biodiversity and the way people co-exist with the jungle and its rivers. A superb woodsman, fisherman and naturalist Anthony is always observing and analyzing the interactions of the river People and their ecosystems formulating ideas and projects to help fight the encroachment of harmful developments.

The two met in 2004 in Lima, Peru and started a long distance relationship that led to their marriage in 2006. They form a great team because nothing is more important to them than to show each guest the marvels of the rainforest, from giant lily pads, to ceiba trees, monkeys, or the specific symbiotic relationships that exists between plants, insects and animals. They both love to cook and try new foods; they bring to the table international and typical Peruvian dishes that will make your taste buds dance. You will need to experience the energy emitted by them as they take you for a walk in their gardens and trails. They will make you feel so welcome as if you were the very first guest in their new house.

Family Photo

What we do & where we are

We operate in areas of high biodiversity and diverse ecosystems such as: high ground primary rainforest, seasonally flooded igapo forests, Amazon beaches and Islands, black water lakes, palm swamps along with many micro eco-systems and National Reserves of Peru.

Our Environmental Policy

We do not use the phrase “green” or “Eco” because it sells, we actually exercise practices such as composting, the use of low emission motors, solar panels for renewable energy source and a proper septic system. We also are one of the highest paying lodges for locals even when there are no guests to take around!Unlike other inscrupulous organizations, we have a waste management program and eveything goes where it belongs or is reused accordingly

We work with several native communities that all of our guests visit. We pay each community on a monthly basis to protect their communal lands and keep out commercial hunters and lumber companies. For example, the community of San Gregorio is very content with our visits, not only is their communal forest intact also they receive visits of international guests interested in purchasing handicrafts from the producers themselves. Another example is the community of Boyador where we have sport fishing programs that benefit the village and their resources. We also have an extensive rotative staff from the surrounding communities that serve as local guides, gardeners, waiters , drivers, and maid service. Our latest endeavor is A 1000 Hectare Nature reserve dubbed "Fossil Creek"

We are highlighted in Lonely Planets Peru guide as their pick, we have top reviews on trip-advisor and have been featured in several television programs such as Hooked and Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing.