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Amazon River  🇵🇪   Perú

Iquitos Office

+001 (518) 801-5193


Know peacock bass? Pacu? Piranha? Would you like to get to know them better? OtoEx offers pure fishing for those fishermen who want to experience the thrill of hauling in a hog Peacock or a piranha that bites back! Our prices are so low because we want your business, fishing is our life and we want to share it with you.We travel by any means possible to put you on top of your next Amazonian Trophy. Choose the level of difficulty you want, don’t want to get off the boat? No problem! Want to stream fish by foot? Let’s go! You will have a highly trained woodsman/fisherman guide watching your back. The Best fishing near our lodge in Oran is May-November, but we still manage to put you on top of them during high-water (December-May).

$180.00 US per day per person (group of two or more) single person pays $250.00 US per day minimum 3 days trip. Included in this price is all transport from Iquitos and lodge, three meals, water, boots specialized fishing guide, extra fishing canoes and access to our areas.

You can bring your own equipment but we also rent two types of setups.

Fishing equipment rental /

Option 1 light/medium sportfishing

Target: Peacock bass, arahuana , oscar , pike cichlid, brycon, piraña, pacu and many more smaller species 1-12lb fish

Consists of 6ft or 7ft medium action rod and reel (30/40lb braid) with selection of ten lures ( mepps spinners, rattletraps, crankbait and floater) 3 hooks for bait fishing. May include hiking, portaging camping overnight in black water lakes of the Amazon River floodplain. Includes aluminum 3 person canoe, catch net, rod/reel/plier

PEN/s 115.0 or $US 35.00 per 3 days (must have 24 hour notice)

Option 2: Amazon River cat/sting ray fishing. medium/heavy

Target: Catfish species such as-tiger, zungaro, red-tail + more( 5-60lbs). Many different stingray species( up to 150lbs) even pacu and black pacu (world record black pacu caught here in Oran 81lb)

Consists of 7ft medium/heavy rods, Okuma ABF90 reels 50lb to 100lb braid, live or cut bait ,cast net , weights, hooks, gaffs, 15/20ft excursion boat, bilingual fishing guide, local guide and access to the largest river in the world. Most fishing is done close to our lodge on the banks of the main Amazon River and at the junctions of its tributaries.

PEN/s 150.00 or $US 45.00 per 3 days (must have 24 hour notice)

Option 3: Expedition/Camp boat accommodations combining option 1+2

Sleep overnight on our wooden expedition boat the b/f JOSUE. The boat is 45ft and can serve/sleep 4 persons comfortably. You may sport fish by day in the lakes and catfish by night on the bigger rivers. Don’t miss an opportunity to catch a fish that dreams are made of. This option combines the above two so you have everything you need for an Amazon River fishing expedition.

PEN/s 560.00 or $US 130.00 per day (must have 72 hour notice) *ALL of these activities are considered additional cost to previously scheduled jungle lodge reservation.

The dynamic Amazon creates and destroys thousands of miles of river banks every year and in the process it has isolated many species to large lakes. There they evolved and branched away from their cousins as the course of the river grew ever distant from the isolated lakes. Some thousands of years later the meander of the main river may eat its way through the flooded forest back to the isolated lake and release the endemic fish to the main channel uniting the “new” species with the rest of the aquatic fauna that exists today.

Fishing Rental Packages

Fishing accommodations range from stay at the lodges, overnights in tent to beds in boats or jungle style hammock with three meals per day, snacks and purified water $180.00 US per day per person (group of two or more) single person pays $250.00 us per day minimum 3 days,equipment rental not included .

River fishing package (Extreme Fishing)
$45/3 days
$10 each additional day

Lake fishing package (Sportfishing)
$35/3 days
$10 each additional day

If bringing your own fishing gear, contact us for a list of the items you'll want in your bag.

Fossil Creek Wildlife Preserve

This is an opportunity for an extreme wildlife adventure. Hike and trek through our trail systems, camp deep in the reserve close to enchanted waterfalls. Sit tight in a blind with your local guide like hunters waiting for the wildlife to pass in your field of view. Soak in the sunrise and sunset from the ridge overlooking the Varzea forest and the Amazon River. Go where very few have ever gone for the experience of a lifetime! Enjoy the solitude of this remote wildlife reserve with the company of one of the most trusted Eco-Tour company in the Peruvian Amazon.

Rainbow over the rainforest just ehind Otoex jungle lodge

Fossil Creek Communal Reserve was created in May of 2016, it consists of the tribal lands of two native communities, Nuevo Union de Boyador and Roca Eterna. They have committed to be good stewards of their land and great hosts to international visitors in a deal designed to impulse the sustainable development of their villages and surrounding areas of the lower Amazon River region of Iquitos, Peru.

Read more about Fossil Creek »

Serious Bird Watching

With OtoEx it is now possible for you to take that serious bird watching tour. Our guides are highly trained to recognize hundreds of species of birds by sight and sound. Let our professional guides take you through an 8 day- multiple ecosystem bird watchers paradise.

We offer one of the greatest areas for watching the diversity of birds that the amazon has to offer. From our lodge in Oran it is possible to visit over fifteen different ecosystems unique to the Amazon River basin. Let our professional guides take you through a multiple ecosystem bird watcher's paradise. Our guides are highly trained to recognize hundreds of species of birds by sight and sound.

Ecosystems and Niches to be explored on a birdwatching trip with us :

Beaches and Islands of the Amazon River (of unique ecological sucession)

North and south banks of the Amazon River.

Varzea of Amazon River,

Varzea of lowermost Napo River

Primary Terra firme Rainforest Reserve

Pioneer and secondary forest

Black water lakes and river habitats

Palm swamp stands :Mauritia, Oenocarpus, Euterpe, Astrocaryum and more

Hundreds of species of birds

    Bird list for Otorongo
  • Point tailed palm creeper
  • Red bellied macaws
  • Motmots
  • Nocturnal curassows
  • Ornate hawk eagle
  • Varzea schiffornis
  • Yellow-billed jacamar

Trek and Camp

This is an Authentic Adventure of a Lifetime, Not for the Faint of Heart !!Trek through the Terre Firme Rainforest of Fossil Creek Wildlife Reserve. Endless tracts of rainforest await your explorations. You and your guides will hike and camp in many different locations as you explore the Wildlife Reserve. Depending on weather and your physical capabilities, you may hike from six to ten miles daily.An average trip for 5 days you would cover roughly 30miles of rainforest.Trekking on animal trails such as tapir and peccary is a thrill, sometimes we do not even use trails and bushwhacking is called for.This is no joke, you will be crossing home ranges of elusive jaguars and playful pumas, this is the most remote you can get without travelling an extra 400 miles from Iquitos!
All expeditions are accompanied with trained professionals in first aid and jungle survival. Our guides are very experienced jungle dwellers that get a kick out of the deepest rainforest habitat!

For this type of trip you must be able to:

To try new things. Possibly out of your comfort zone

To suffer, a bit. It’s something to be proud of

To get rained on. It’s the rainforest after all

To fend off insects. See previous

To eat from the fire pit. Like all the greats

To get dirty. Can’t wash away these memories

Most of all, to have fun