A True Amazon Nature Expedition

Customize and plan your adventure to explore the Amazon the way we live the Amazon. Stays at the lodge start at $90 per day depending on group size. Contact us and we will help plan your trip today.

Amazon Adventures for Everyone

Otorongo Expeditions is a ecologically responsible tour company operating in Peru’s lower Amazon River region. Founded by American/Peruvian couple Anthony and Ivonne Giardenelli eight years ago, OtoEx provides a variety of services including custom expeditions such as sport fishing, trekking & camping, bird watching and comfortable personalized jungle lodging. Pick and choose what activities you are most interested in and passionate about, after all it’s your adventure.

Otorongo Expeditions has the trip of a lifetime for everyone.

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Otorongo Adventures



Otorongo Lodge has 12 private rooms with private bathrooms and showers all protected with fine mesh netting.

Sport Fishing

OtoEx is owned and operated by professional sports fisherman and offers the only sport fishing in all of the lowland Peruvian Amazon.


Trips for the serious birdwatchers, fisherman, outdoor enthusiasts or anyone who wants to test their limits.
Extreme Fishing

Extreme Fishing

Fishing for those who want to experience the thrill of hauling in a hog Peacock bass or a piranha that bites back.

Bird Watching

Tour various ecosystems with our guides who are highly trained to recognize hundreds of species of birds by sight and sound.
otorongo expeditions day trips

Day Trips

Offering day trips from the city of Iquitos to see some of the attractions of the city and its bordering towns.
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What our guests are saying

My visit to Otorongo was THE most fascinating journey of my life. I came to sketch and journal my jungle experience, and I was instantly immersed and intensely engaged every single moment.

Antony and Ivy are top-notch hosts in every respect, and I love the way they, the guides, and all the guests eat and chat together in a warm, family atmosphere. All of the people who work at the lodge are friendly and helpful. The food is great. The jungle more than met my expectations, interacting with Tio Juan, the toucan, was a blast, and traveling to and fro on the Amazon never ceased to delight me. I hope to return again and again.

My experience at Otorongo Lodge was truly the adventure of a life time. By request I was taken to a remote area to see native people living in the Amazon. There I was introduced to the Chief of the Yagua Indians who presented me with a blowgun and darts as a gift. We canoed, camped, and hiked long distances every day through the jungle carving our path with machetes. The staff at Otorongo lodge will make your experience as leisurely or adventurous as you wish. I asked to be pushed to my limit and they did not disappoint. I was taught survival skills for living in the jungle. I saw countless rare species, including primates, reptiles, cayman, poison frogs, tree sloths, birds, insects, pink and gray dolphins.

Otorongo Expeditions is the most authentic, customized, and friendly group for Amazon vacations. We could not believe how warm and hospitable each person at the lodge was – Anthony and our wonderful personal guide, Hulber, ate every meal with us, shared laughs, hiked and explored alongside. The entire staff went above and beyond. Back in the city, Anthony and Ivy even took us out to lunch before our departing flight. What more could you ask for! We cannot wait to return with all our friends Thank you Otorongo for the wonderful memories!