A Genuine Amazon Adventure

Otorongo Expeditions is a ecologically responsible tour company operating in Peru’s lower Amazon River region. Founded by American/Peruvian couple Anthony and Ivonne Giardenelli over a decade ago, OtoEx provides a variety of services including custom expeditions such as sport fishing, trekking & camping, bird watching and comfortable personalized jungle lodging. Pick and choose what activities you are most interested in and passionate about, after all it’s your adventure.

Otorongo Expeditions has the trip of a lifetime for everyone

Whether you prefer to take it all in from the lodge, boat through rivers and flooded forests, fish day and night or camp out in the preserve, we guarantee we have the perfect trip for you. Tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll help make your adventures come true.

Explore over 15 different ecosystems

We offer private guided tours lead by skilled and knowledgeable guides and access to a diverse variety of ecosystems to explore nearby our lodge along the Amazon River. Our Lodge is encircled by elevated walkways to provide access to viewing the gardens, birds, butterflies or any other wildlife that pass by. There is plenty to do, see, hear and explore all around the lodge.

From Iquitos to Otorongo Expeditions

Guests are picked up from the Iquitos Airport upon arrival and brought you to either their hotel or directly to the Port of Nanay. From there it’s a 2.5 hour voyage down the Amazon River aboard Otorongo III, our newest 15-passenger speedboat.

A photographer’s paradise